Welcome to Daye Knight!


Welcome To Daye Knight!


Hey, my name is Day. I started DayeKnight candles on February 11, 2020, my first ever baby! I’m obsessed with candles and came up with the idea to make my very own!

My candles are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic, also they smell GREAT! I chose every fragrance depending on my mood and create matching labels as well. Each candle I make is made in small batches to ensure quality and extra care. I really hope you guys enjoy my candles as much as I do and can’t wait to build a friendship! 

What started DayeKnight? I left the dentist’s office, thinking about the sale at Bath&Body Works, that’s when the thoughts came of making candles at home! Being the impulsive buyer I am, I went on Amazon and ordered candle supplies (it came the next day, thanks to Prime !) and I destroyed all supplies I brought. Many trails and errors and here I am selling 9oz wood wicks candles! 

At the moment, I am a solo businesswoman with help with my family. Hoping to bring more than candles and hoping you guys are along with this very long journey! I can’t wait to fill your home with my wonderful scents and bring peace and blessings! 

Brought a candle? I will love to see it and feature it on my site! Tag me @Dayeknightcandles or #DKcandles 

Fun Facts About me!

  • Gemini Sun, Leo Rising, & Pisces Moon
  • Born and raised in The Bronx, New York
  • My favorite scents are Sweet Heat and Milkbath
  • Favorite season? Fall of course! Can’t wait for fall scents
  • Favorite color? At the moment is orange!