We want your shopping with DKCO to be a memorable one! We want you guys to reach out, tell us what you want to see! Each of our candles are curated to match every emotional need, to take away stress from work *Milkbath*,maybe you need help sleeping *Goodnight* or maybe you need a vacation *VanCo*. We are here to cater to you and make your home a sacred and luxurious place. Happy Lighting.

What are DKCO candles made of? 

  • Our candles are made of natural soy made here in the United States! We are an Eco Friendly, Chemical Free candle company! We use the best qualities to provide a safe environment for your home!
  • We use wood-wick candles to give you your very own fireplace! It creates a calm and intimate ambiance.
  • Each candle is made in very small batches for consistency! Your favorite candle will bed the same each and every time.

What are DKCO bath salts made of?

  • Epsom Salt, Coarse Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt (fine and coarse), USDA Approved and Non GMO Verified Organic Essential Oil. This salt is not made nor made near any forms of nuts. Our salt is made skin safe and each salt is listed if it's fragrance free or not. Please check with your doctor before using Daye Knight Bath Salts. 

Delivery Time?

  • We ship Monday- Thursday! Any order placed Friday- Sunday will get shipped on Monday! We don't ship on the weekends due to the high temperatures in a warehouse!
  • All orders are shipped through USPS 2 day Priority Shipping! We do offer expedited shipping at your own cost. Any orders over $100 will get shipped with UPS.
  • Please allow processing time between 3-4 days! We are a very small team and we try to get our products shipped to you quickly as possible. 
  • Due to the pandemic please allow EXTRA, and we mean extra time for your items to be delivered to you. 
  • We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost packages, damaged packages, or tracking information not being updated. Please contact your local post office in regards to your package
  • We cant control USPS or UPS. *We know; We're just as excited for you to receive your candles*.

What is DKCO After Work Delivery?

  • Yes! We plan on hand delivering your candles straight to your door! After work delivery is still in its testing phases and will only offer delivery in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn! Our delivery time starts at Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm. We know USPS and UPS waits for no-one we will come to you! Please reach out to us if you need to reschedule your delivery date or time!
  • Keep in mind Covoid-19 is very much active we ask you meet us downstairs in front of the home and on time. We are also taking time away from our office to deliver candles, please be patient and kind.
  • The delivery service is free of charge but only available for order $60 and above. If you would like to tip understand its truly appreciated!   

What if my candle arrived damaged?

We take every precaution to wrap each individual candle securely to ensure your candle arrives quickly and safe! However, things happen! If your candle or product arrives broken please send us an email at info@dayeknight.com with the following:

  • Your order number
  • Photos of the packaging and candle is possible

We will send a new package ASAP!


  • At the moment we do not offer refunds! If you are extremely unhappy with your purchase please contact us at info@dayeknight.com

I entered the wrong shipping address! Can i change it?! 

  • Contact us immediately, we can change it for you! Once your order has been shipped out contact your local post office! If you want the package redelivered there will be a fee on your behalf