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UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! The smell of eucalyptus is such a strong, wonderful smell but mixed with rainwater? JACKPOT! This candle possibly can’t get any better than this. It captures the smell of a thunderstorm, but with cool air ?! Be one with the earth and this candle! Netflix and Chill with this candle, light this candle, and you won’t regret it. Rain Day is also an aromatherapy candle and will help battle stress and congestion. It’s a two in one package! 


Note Details : Top:Ecualyptus+Spearmint// Middle : Fresh RainWater// Bottom:Sage

A 7.2 oz wax-filled jar made with all-natural soy

  • Homemade in the Bronx New York
  • Burn time 50+ with proper care
  • Vegan, Chemical Free, and Personal Fireplace



• Allow your candle to burn for at least a few hours the first time you light it. This will create a large enough “melt pool” and ensure that your candle burns evenly and for its full life.
• Keep your wood wick trimmed to avoid discoloration. 1/4 is the best height.
• Be attentive. Make sure your candle is in a safe area where it won’t catch anything on fire. Please be responsible. Seriously. 


  •  Daye Knight candles are handmade and poured in small quantities to keep consistency. 
  •  Frosting and spotting may occur due to temperature changes in transit, We can only control what happens in our work area, anything outside of our work area is above us. 
  • Hashtag #DKCANDLES to be posted on our website and Instagram!

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Weight 7 oz
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