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Make it Luxury but affordable.. We love these jars and figure you will LOVE them as much as we do. Bring your living room together with one of our minimalist candle. Sleek and Elegant making it aesthetically pleasing not lighting the candle might be a thing. Only in our 3 most popular scents and with a special label, this will fit right into your space. 


Twenty Fine:

Scent Profile: Floral

Note Details : Top:Fig// Middle : Orchid// Bottom: Sandalwood


Scent Profile: Floral

Note Details : Top:Warm Spices// Middle : Jasmine// Bottom: Cedarwood


Scent Profile: Sweet x Fruity

Note Details : Top:Pineapple+Orange// Middle : Mango+Peach // Bottom: Coconutmilk+Sugar


A 10.5 oz wax-filled jar made with all-natural soy

  • Homemade in the Bronx New York
  • Burn time 50+ with proper care
  • Vegan, Chemical Free, and Personal Fireplace